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We are able to achieve results fast with a comprehensive solution

Nuno Campos, Vice President Trade Marketing TT customer feedback

Collaborating with Adnovate is pleasant, we're working on a personal level with their team and the working atmosphere is really good. Their solution is a great way of connecting our dealers and internal organisation.

Achiel Sturm, Marketing Manager Topcon Europe Positioning Topcon Positioning says

The Adnovate platform helped us greatly past year in streamlining the process while at the same time lowering operations costs. Furthermore, our Shop employees are more than happy with how their instore campaigns are supplied and the ease of ordering additional PoS material!

Liesbeth van Moorsel, Promotions Manager T-MO say’s

Thanks to Adnovate, we now have complete control over the supporting sales material

We have been working with an online platform to manage brand assets for quite some time now. Adnovate’s Platform is flexible, it could be deployed locally as well as globally and offers customization options. This is perfect for an organization such as Aegon. The technical developments in this area are moving fast and require specialists, it is therefore important to have a competent partner.

Wendel Hofman, Brand Services Manager Aegon say’s

60% less hassle by optimizing the in-store campaigns.

The speed, accessibility and energy with which Adnovate supports our dealers gives them a handle.

Very customer friendly with fast service!

M. van Busselen, Brand Manager Ford customer feedback

Adnovate provides us with an image bank, which works just fine. In case of questions, Adnovate responses quickly. In addition, we appreciate that Adnovate informs us on a regular basis about new features and trends which might be of interest to us.

A. van Dijk, Brand Manager Robeco customer feedback

Visibility and findability of our marketing assets has improved. Thanks to Adnovate the creation of marketing assets is way more efficient.

Michiel van Haaften, Corporate Documentation & Design Manager Topcon says

Adnovate understood the multi channel solution we were looking for. They were able to comply to our wishes and deliver on-time what was needed based upon their existing SaaS Platform.

Irene Overweel, Programme Manager Innovation & Development WE